Shokotan Going Nude?

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shokotan-10.jpg shokotan-9.jpg

Shoko Nakagawa’s 4th single “Snow Tears” reached No.2 on the Oricon chart

Super popular Japanese gravure idol and singer Shoko Nakagawa aka “Shokotan” made a startling announcement at a recent promotional event for her new single “Snow Tears” and blog collection turned book “Donyoku Days” (貪欲デイズ). When Shokotan revealed to her fans that her first album titled “Big Bang” will drop on the 19th of next month, she added that she shall run through Nakano’s (a popular spot in western Tokyo, 1 express train stop from Shinjuku) Broadway shopping arcade naked if her album reaches No.1 on the Oricon chart!


From Shokotan’s blog…this is one cutie I’d love to keep!

Good things are happening to the 22 year old self made Japanese idol who hails from Tokyo. The self-professed “otaku” completed the transition from an underground cosplay (costume play) legend in the Akihabara district to a mainstream talent and artist last year, ending the year with a performance on NHK’s Kohaku Utagassen. The total number of hits on her blog reached over 100 million, with the site receiving as many as 4.5 million hits per day!

shokotan-7.jpg shokotan-6.jpg

Miki Fujimoto To Return

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It looks like Japanese idol and former Morning Musume leader Miki Fujimoto aka Mikitty is set to return to the spotlight with the release of a new single as a solo artist on April 23rd. This time Miss Fujimoto will attempt to shed her idol past and do a 180 degree turnaround, debuting as a bona fide adult singer.


We’ll get to hear the beautiful voice of Mikitty again soon!

Mikitty got herself into lots of trouble in the beginning of summer last year when she was caught dating Tomoharu Shoji of the Japanese comedian duo “Shinagawa Shoji” then refused to leave him. This pretty much earned her banishment from Japanese showbiz and career suicide. For more information please check out my blog on 1-9-08.


Miki Fujimoto aka Mikitty is known for being strong-willed

But being the crown jewel of Up Front Agency, Mikitty’s handler knows they can’t let a super cute talent with a beautiful voice go to waste no matter how much she messes up. Since Miki stepped down as the leader of the most popular Japanese all girl group and ceased all activities as a Hello!Project member she’s been relegated to only playing futsal occasionally for the Gatas Brilliantes, an Up Front Agency backed all girl team.


Mikitty in action playing for the Gatas Brilliantes

Miki Fujimoto’s new single is titled “Oki Tegami”. It is composed by Masato Sugimoto (who shot to fame with the single “Waremoko” last year, and got the honor to perform at NHK’s Kohaku Utagassen year-end extravaganza) and lyrics written by Haku Ide. Instead of the typical pop sound, Miki’s new single has a folk song flavor to it.


Miki Fujimoto (L), Masato Sugimoto (C) and Takao Horiuchi (R)

Japanese singer Takao Horiuchi who also belongs to Up Front Agency first received the offer to sing the song last fall as Masato Sugimoto suggested that he should do it in a “chanson” (French cabaret style) fashion. Around the same time Mikitty was looking for the right music to revive her career as a singer. Her manager heard the demo tape and thought the song was perfect for her smooth mezzo-soprano voice. In the end it was decided that both Miki and Takao would release their own version of the single on the same date…how’s that for some inter-agency rivalry?!
The recording was done in the beginning of this month with songwriter Masato Sugimoto present. He remarked that Mikitty had a great voice, better than he imagined for a female in her 20s singing a song about distressed love, and that she carried good aura for the song. Mikitty commented that the song was rather challenging. It was nothing like she’s ever sung before, but Masato gave her some really helpful pointers. For an accomplished singer (Mikitty is not only a pretty face) to humble herself and say something like that, I really look forward to hearing the single!

The soon to be 23 year old Hokkaido native says, “This is a completely different style of singing but I’d like you to support the new Miki Fujimoto.”


I bet Mikitty is still as uber cute as ever

Idol’s Nude Price Continued

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Oh, you didn’t think I was done, did you? Of course I’ve got more juicy info for ya!;)

4. Leah Dizon


This former race queen hottie is half French and half Chinese

Nude Photobook – $750K

AV – $300K

Nicknamed “The Black Ship of Gravure” (in reference to the black ships commanded by Commodore Matthew Perry), Las Vegas native and sexy American import gravure idol Leah Dizon has taken Japan by storm the last two years with her exotic Eurasian look and humble work ethic. Her hard work paid off as she was invited to perform at NHK’s year end Kohaku Utagassen extravaganza last year, which is an extremely rare honor for a foreigner.

leah-dizon-24.jpg leah-dizon-25.jpg

At the Kohaku Utagassen press conference

“Indeed she sure is popular and people would probably expect her to pull off something like this. The unexpected low appearance fee is due to the fact that Leah has already shown too much skin. Plus there’s been some racy pictures and videos of her before she made her debut in Japan circulating around so the shock value wouldn’t be as great.”

leah-dizon-22.jpg leah-dizon-23.jpg

Kawaii!! I love her soft spoken style

5. Mona Yamamoto


Nude Photobook – $700K

AV – $450K


Mona had made it to the top, then threw it all away

The half Norwegian, half Japanese freelance “announcer” / talent (a Japanese catch-all name for entertainer) hails from Hiroshima. The short-lived former TV Asahi Tetsuya Chikushi News 23 newscaster caused an uproar back in 2006 when she was caught having an affair with LDP politician Goshi Hosono just when she was promoted. The self professed “M” (masochist) can be seen these days often appearing on talk shows.


The infamous picture that led to her canning from one of the most prestigious news programs in Japan

“The estimated appearance fee is higher than I expected, even though she does ooze womanhood…”

mona-yamamoto.jpg mona-yamamoto-5.jpg mona-yamamoto-4.jpg

Personally I think she looks way older than 31, but I can see why many guys are drooling over her

6. Ayako Nishikawa


The former Miss Japan, 1996

Nude Photobook – $550K

AV – $200K

The female version of Japan’s Dr. 90210, this sharp tongued sexy jukujo (a mature, older lady) is a practicing plastic surgeon in Tokyo. Ayako has publicly said that she wouldn’t date any man whose annual income is below $400K. Known to be a bitch at times, she’s both hated and admired by the Japanese.

ayako-nishikawa-4.jpg ayako-nishikawa-6.jpg ayako-nishikawa-9.jpg

“Wow, she fetched a pretty high estimate! Having a bitchy woman doctor take it all off might just sell a lot!”

7. Mero Imai


The former Japan snowboard representative

Nude Photobook – $200K

AV – $400K

First of all, what kind of jacked up name is that? I’m sure my daughter would strangle me while I’m sleeping if I named her that! The youngest person ever to obtain a professional snowboarder license in Japan, she is the daugher of an obsessed snowboard coach. Along with her oldest brother Domu (yup, their father deserves at least a good caning) they were Japan’s snowboard representatives at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.


She was everyone’s darling right before the Torino Olympics back in 2006

After her devastating early round elimination in Torino due to a serious fall, Melo basically stopped snowboarding and dropped out of the spotlight, only to become a huge disgrace to Japan. Early last year it was revealed that she had been working as a “fuzoku-jo” or should I say ejaculation specialist in Osaka. Was she really that hard up for money or did she go completely insane?!

mero-imai-4.jpg mero-imai-5.jpg

The infamous fall in the halfpipe and her subsequent consequence

“I was really shocked that someone who was representing the country and in contention for an Olympic medal became a fuzoku-jo. If she were to go nude right after the Olympics she might’ve been able to fetch more money.”

mero-imai-3.jpg mero-imai-10.jpg

I’m sorry but I don’t think she’s cute at all. I wouldn’t pay money to get sexual relief from her!

Hideaki Tokunaga Goes Platinum

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Popular and long time Japanese singer Hideaki Tokunaga has reached the 1 million mark for the first time in his career with his latest album, Vocalist 3.  The artist who’s most known for his hit single “Saigo no Iiwake” has been unstoppable since returning to showbiz 2 years ago after recovering from cancer treatment.


Actually his accomplishment should be even more impressive because in Japan an album that achieves 1 million in sales is considered a diamond record (selling 250,000 records qualifies for platinum status in Japan)!  Hideaki performed for the second straight year at last New Year Eve’s NHK Kohaku Utagassen with a special cover medley of Akiko Kobayashi’s “Koi ni Ochite”, followed by Miki Imai’s “Pride”, then Miyuki Nakajima’s “Wakare Uta”.

Mr. Tokunaga joins Japanese band Mr. Children, Exile and Kobukuro as the only 4 “million seller” artists in Japan last year.

Ayaka’s (絢香) Hot Christmas Eve Date

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ayaka-2.jpg ayaka.jpg

Mega popular Japanese songstress Ayaka was caught possibly having a romantic romp on Christmas Eve. The lucky guy is Toshikazu Wakabayashi, vocal of the Japanese indie band Love Handles. The 32 year old has been the guitarist on Ayaka’s concert tour and also performed with her on last New Year Eve’s NHK Kohaku Utagassen.

toshikazu-wakabayashi.jpg toshikazu-wakabayashi-3.jpg toshikazu-wakabayashi-2.jpg

Toshikazu Wakabayashi

The two were spotted entering Ayaka’s condo in Tokyo shortly after 9pm on the 24th and Toshikazu did not leave until 11am the following morning while carrying a shopping bag sporting a certain name brand logo (Christmas present from Ayaka?). When Ayaka’s agency was contacted regarding the sighting the response was, “He’s one of the people Ayaka works with closely.”

ayaka-3.jpg ayaka-5.jpg ayaka-4.jpg

The 12 year difference sure makes things hotter 

Kumi Koda Dating SMAP Boy

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It has been rumored since summer that Japan’s queen of durrrty pop is going out with the leader of Japan’s most well known and ageless boy group SMAP, Masahiro Nakai.  Both camp have long denied the allegation by saying they’re simply friends.


However recently evidence of the two dating is mounting.  Kumi has been sighted several times going into Masahiro’s new place.   Earlier this month she was once again caught trying to sneak in there inside an unmarked car.

masahiro-nakai.jpg masahiro-nakai-2.jpg masahiro-nakai-3.jpg

Masahiro Nakai, the oldest member and leader of the ever popular boy group SMAP

Both Kumi and Masahiro are no stranger to scandals.  Masahiro has often been romantically linked to different celebrities, the latest being with the beautiful and extremely popular Fuji TV announcer Minako Nakano. (In Japan female TV announcers are often treated like idols and superstars and it is very prestigious to be chosen by one of the major TV networks.)  The public couldn’t understand why the Japanese heartthrob dumped such a classy beauty for a trashy, over the top, Christina Aguilera-wannabe.


“Purikura” (mini sticker picture) of Masahiro kissing Minako…the dream of millions of Japanese men!

The infamous Kumi Koda needs no introduction.  Some people praise her for her “creativity” and courage to break many traditions in the relatively conservative Japanese showbiz world.  Others loath her less than proper appearance and often lewd on stage antics.  Personally I still remember the real Kumi back in the good old days before she turned skankalicious. *sigh*

kumi-koda-3.jpg kumi-koda-7.jpg kumi-koda-9.jpg kumi-koda-11.jpg kumi-koda-8.jpg      

As it turns out Masahiro will be one of the hosts for NHK’s year end Kohaku Utagassen extravaganza and Kumi is scheduled to perform.  Everyone’s anxious to see how this will play out.  This might get interesting…

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