Girls of Suns Entertainment

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Here are a few of “Mr. Big Tits Revolutionary” Yoshiharu Noda’s harem:

Akiko Hinagata – One of the original gravure idols along with Fumie Hosokawa and Reiko Kato that started the “big tits” craze back in the 90s.

akiko-hinagata-2.jpg akiko-hinagata-4.jpg akiko-hinagata-5.jpg akiko-hinagata-6.jpg

Akiko paved the way for other big hipped, wide shouldered Japanese idols like Kaori Manabe to be accepted


A classic magazine cover with her signature “Hina pose”


Recent shot of Akiko Hinagata, now a divorcee and mother of one child


With Hikaru Kawamura (left) and Emi Kobayashi (right) at a recent Suns Entertainment event

Mariya Yamada – Akiko Hinagata’s “kohai” (junior). Famed 90s big boobie gravure idol and one of the main stable of Yellow Cab Production.

mariya-yamada-18.jpg mariya-yamada-17.jpg mariya-yamada-15.jpg

mariya-yamada-19.jpg mariya-yamada-16.jpg mariya-yamada-20.jpg

Mariya has nicely made the transition from gravure swimsuit model to a “talent” (a Japanese name for entertainer). Nowadays you can often catch her on different TV shows.

MEGUMI – The crown jewel of Yellow Cab Production at the turn of the century and still Noda shacho’s (president) favorite girl now at Suns Entertainment, the H cup tittie monster MEGUMI has also made the smooth transition from gravure idol to a popular talent on Japanese TV. Along with other popular gravure idols of her generation such as Waka Inoue and Sayaka Isoyama, she is famous for her skillful posing techniques which show off her ample bosom.
megumi.jpg megumi-4.jpg megumi-2.jpg megumi-3.jpg

These days MEGUMI is known as a sharp tongued “baradoru” (variety idol)

Emi Kobayashi – The 25 year old gravure model has a sensual, classy look and possesses a healthy F cup chest.

emi-kobayashi-7.jpg emi-kobayashi-6.jpg emi-kobayashi-4.jpg

Emi was also the image girl for Sapporo Beer and Oiso Long Beach water park, both of which basically guaranteed her success in Japanese showbiz

emi-kobayashi.jpg emi-kobayashi-3.jpg emi-kobayashi-5.jpg

That sexy face and body’s got 1/8 Russian blood

Hikaru Kawamura – Plenty have been said about this “onee-kei” (literally translated – older sister) mature young lady style Japanese talent in previous posts. The self proclaimed “forever 26″ gravure model is currently entangled in a legal battle with her boss Yoshiharu Noda.

hikaru-kawamura-62.jpg hikaru-kawamura-60.jpg hikaru-kawamura-59.jpg

I would love to watch her perform in an AV

hikaru-kawamura-61.jpg hikaru-kawamura-63.jpg

Look at that luscious body…makes me wanna just lick her up and down!


2006 year end party: Hikaru Kawamura (2nd left), Mariya Yamada (center), Saki Seto (right)

Saki Seto – Technically the 22 year old gravure model is no longer with Suns Entertainment. She mysteriously dropped off the Japanese entertainment map since summer of last year after rumor surfaced about a romantic link with troubled entrepreneur Masahiro Origuchi of the failed Goodwill Group. Nobody has been able to reach Saki and Noda shacho has said he didn’t consider her retired but permanently inactive. What a damn shame!


Who would’ve thought this photo taken at an earlier event with Noda shacho would foretell what was to come

saki-seto.jpg saki-seto-2.jpg saki-seto-3.jpg saki-seto-5.jpg

The angelic face and sexy body of Saki Seto


With fellow Suns Entertainment gravure model Emi Kobayashi (right)

saki-seto-4.jpg saki-seto-6.jpg saki-seto-8.jpg saki-seto-9.jpg

Somebody please bring this sexy little kitten back!